Dolphin Swim School

Swimming is not just a sport but also a life-skill.

Dolphin Aquatics is Well Equipped with:

• 10 Lane, Olympic-sized 50m pool.
• Best in class swimming training by countries top coaches.
• 20mX10m, 4-lane heated indoor pool.
• Trained and certified lifeguards.
• Advanced water treatment and filtration facility.
• Clean and hygienic pool surroundings.

Onsite advantage training at Dolphin Aquatics:

• Gym facilities
• Cult fitness onsite
• Onsite Physio therapy & recovery consultants
• Abhinav Bhindra high performance targeting/pilates/recovery centre
• Onsite Psychologists & Nutritionists consultation
• First aid room and ambulance available onsite

Ability to cross train with other sports at CSE such as:

• Football
• Cricket
• Tennis
• Badminton
• Squash
• Basket ball
• Track & field onsite